Lethal Weapon mastermind might take a shot at Iron Man 3

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

In Marvel's quest to replace Jon Favreau at the helm of the Iron Man franchise, they're in talks with both an interesting and obvious choice: Shane Black, who ushered in a new era of action filmmaking with his script for Lethal Weapon.

The choice is interesting in that, as a writer-director, Black has only one film under his belt: the witty, tricky neo-noir thriller Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It's obvious because that film starred Robert Downey Jr. as a petty crook who winds up trapped in a Hollywood murder mystery in which he, improbably, is the detective.

Downey and Black got along famously, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was the beginning of Downey's career-rehabilitation road—the film that convinced the studios that the troubled actor could reliably carry the lead role—that led to Iron Man. Given that Downey has contractual veto power over the film's director, Black is a safe choice for Marvel.

It's also inspired: Black is an immensely talented writer, especially of flawed, tarnished-knight heroes, and he can learn, just as Favreau did, how to wrestle a special-effects-laden blockbuster to the multiplex.

(via Heat Vision)

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