LeVar Burton is bringing back Reading Rainbow even better than ever

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May 28, 2014, 6:23 PM EDT (Updated)

First it was an app, but now Reading Rainbow is going to be coming to PCs and schools all over the world. With your help, naturally. 

Reading Rainbow is one of the most important children's programs ever produced. Its goal is simple -- get kids to read. For decades it made little readers out of so many of us. Plus, I think we all remember that amazing Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, right?

Short version: Reading Rainbow is great.

But the show hasn't been on since 2006. It's had an unbelievably successful app for tablets, but only around 30 percent of kids have access to that kind of technology. That's why LeVar Burton wants to expand that app to PCs all around the world. And he wants to make sure that this new version of Reading Rainbow continues to be free for everyone, and he wants it to be in as many schools as possible.

But making a thing free is, well, really expensive. And so Burton and his team have taken the project to Kickstarter, and they've set their funding goal at a manageable $1 million. That Kickstarter, by the way, just went up this morning, but is well on its way to hitting its goal.

We love LeVar, and we love Reading Rainbow. And we've got a funny feeling a lot of you feel the same way.

So here's the deal -- if Reading Rainbow hits that million mark, it'll mean the program will be available in over 1500 classrooms at no cost to the schools. And that is great. But, call us greedy, we want more. So let's show LeVar Burton, his team, and kids around the world we care about them reading enough to fund that $1 million today. As of this writing, the project is nearly halfway funded, so, really, it's hardly unthinkable.

If the Kickstarter is funded by day one, then the opportunity to spread Reading Rainbow much farther becomes exponentially more possible.

And if you want Star Trek-related incentives, there's plenty to go around. Check it:

Not bad, right?

Look -- at this moment 1 in every 4 kids in the United States will grow up illiterate. That is a travesty, and it needs changing. If there's anyone we trust to make that happen, it's LeVar Burton. So take a look at the Kickstarter and help bring Reading Rainbow to our kids so LeVar can teach them why reading is so much fun -- just as he did for us.

(via The Verge)