Lexus finally shows off its sexy, sci-fi cool hoverboard in action

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Aug 4, 2015, 7:12 PM EDT

Other companies have created hoverboards, but no one has made one quite as sexy as luxury automaker Lexus. Now we finally have a look at the sci-fi marvel in action.

The company has been dropping teases about its own hoverboard for a while now, though they’ve been stingy with footage of the device actual being, you know, used by a human being. Lexus has pulled back the curtain, and now we have some glorious clips of professional skateboarders learning how to use the device (spoiler: it ain’t easy), and some well-composed scenes that look like something straight out of a Back to the Future II outtake. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this one does work on water.

The company has unveiled two Lexus Hoverboard clips, with the first showing the ‘board in use and the second digging into the development of the device. Considering how secretive they’ve been up to this point, it’s nice to get some making-of footage from the development lab to show how this sharp piece of tech came to be. 

We obviously have to point out: This hoverboard works like most of the other models out there, which means it runs off magnets and superconductors. For would-be hoverboarders, that means it’ll only work on a metal surface designed to keep it floating. On regular concrete, it’s just a very pretty, expensive paperweight. But it must be said, this is easily the best-looking board yet. It might not be practical, but cool things can generate interest in figuring out how to make a practical one. So, enjoy.

In the meantime, check out the hoverboard tests below:


Digging a bit deeper, geek out over the making-of documentary here:



(Via Wired)