An LHC update

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Apr 1, 2008

After the foofooraw over the LHC a few days ago, much has been said about some folks erroneously thinking the collider will destroy the Earth.

As usual, the wonderous and magnificent Jennifer

Ouillette Ouellette has stepped up, pointing out that LHC has a web page up discussing these claims. This is far from the secret cabal of people at LHC refusing to discuss this.

The brilliant Clifford at Asymptotia makes some solid points as well. He was even more dismissive than I was. Kudos!

The effervescent (sorry, running out of adjectives) Gia pointed out in the comments of my original post that the LHC folks have indeed made environmental impact statements.

This lawsuit looks more and more like someone is chasing the sound of an ambulance.

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