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Liam Neeson circles Men in Black spinoff as Sony drops first teaser poster

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May 22, 2018, 8:20 PM EDT (Updated)

Earlier this year, Sony’s long awaited relaunch of the Men in Black franchise began to form when Thor: Ragnarok stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson signed on for director F. Gary Gray's forthcoming film. Now, another sci-fi and action veteran is poised to join the cast: Liam Neeson.

Variety is reporting that Neeson is in negotiations to join the Men in Black spinoff film as the head of MiB’s U.K. division. The new film will share the world of the previous Men in Black trilogy starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but neither of the original stars are likely to return for this project. Neeson’s role has been compared to Zed, the leader of MiB’s American branch, as played by Rip Torn in the first two movies. 

Among sci-fi and fantasy fans, Neeson is best known for playing Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and Ra's al Ghul in Batman Begins. Neeson has also made a name for himself as an action star in the Taken films, Non-Stop, and The Grey.

Additionally, Omega Underground has an unconfirmed report that Thompson’s character, Em, will be a rookie agent at London’s MiB alongside “former ace Agent H,” which is supposedly Hemsworth’s role. If that report is accurate, then presumably Neeson’s character will be their boss. Omega Underground’s source also contends that the story will revolve around a murder mystery that takes Em and H around the world. 

Men in Black teaser poster

Credit: Sony Pictures


Sony has also unveiled a teaser poster for the next Men in Black movie, which doesn’t offer any specific hints about the story (at least none that are easily reflected in those shades). It debuted at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, which also showed off the first official look at Zachary Levi's costume from Shazam! earlier this week.

The new Men in Black poster also confirms that Sony is expecting to have the next film ready to make its premiere in the summer of 2019. What do you think? Does Neeson's possible inclusion make you more excited about the reboot?