Library yanks Moore graphic novel from shelves for being TOO graphic

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Watchmen creator Alan Moore's recent 2011 graphic novel Neonomicon, about FBI agents investigating ritualistic murders, has been pulled from a public library in South Carolina due to complaints over "nudity" and "sex" featured in the book.

The book—filed in the Greenville County library's adult section—was apparently checked out by a curious 14-year-old girl (visitors over 13 can check out books from any section). Once the girl dug a bit deeper into the comic and ran across some sexy scenes, she told her mother and things snowballed from there.

"It looked like a murder mystery comic book to me. It looked like a child's book," the girl's mother, Carrie Gaske, told a local news outlet. "She came into my living room and asked me what a certain word meant and I said honey where did you hear that word? I said that's a nasty word we don't use that in the house."

The mother was upset after seeing "graphic sexual content and pictures of nude men and women engaging in sexual activity," comparing the contents to that found in nudie mags.

"The more into it I got the more shocked I was, I really had no idea this type of material was allowed at a public library," Gaske said. "I feel that has the same content of Hustler or Playboy or things like that. Maybe even worse."

Gaske is pushing for the library to adopt a rating system for books, similar to those used in the videogame and film industries, while library officials fired back that it's up to parents to screen what their children are reading.

Sound off: Do you think this is a tale of one parent's over-reaction, or the beginning of Big Brother, comic-book-style?

(WSPA 7 via Newsarama)