Life After Death Star is the reimagined hip-hop/Star Wars album you're looking for

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Dec 3, 2015

It’s not often -- or ever -- one thinks hip hop and thinks sci-fi. But beneath the surface, hip hop heads and nerds have more in common than you think. For starters, they both take their respective genres very seriously. Second, within each are certain classics that it’s practically sacrilege to ever mess with. 

In that respect, it almost makes perfect sense to see one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time get remixed with the legendary score from one of the greatest genre films of all time.  And the end result is something that both rap aficionados and uber-geeks can definitely agree does not suck. 

Remixed by Otaku Gang, Life After Death Star takes Biggie’s seminal 1997 Life After Death and remixes the tracks with John Williams’ Oscar-winning score from Star Wars, and it's actually really good! 

The mad genius behind the album, and Otuka Gang, nerdcore hip hop artist Richie Branson, has been straddling both geekdom and the hip hop world for years, providing additional score for Marvel Heroes and producing the soundtrack for T.I. and Russel Simmons' mobile game Mission: G-ROK

You can download the album for free here. It’s the perfect soundtrack to get you amped up for Episode VII.

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