Life is Strange: Before the Storm gets a physical release this March with bonus episode

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Jan 30, 2018, 12:57 PM EST (Updated)

If you loved Life is Strange: Before the Storm and the chance to get to know the illustrious Rachel Amber, you’ll be happy to know that the three-episode adventure series is getting a physical release, along with its bonus “Farewell” episode, and a swanky collector’s edition. This looks like the ultimate tribute to the series’ spunkiest leads, Chloe Price and Rachel Amber, and the best way to collect all the episodes in one place, which megafans no doubt will want to do.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a prequel to the 2015 adventure game series Life is Strange, which focused on 18-year-old photography student Max Caulfield and her newfound ability to rewind time whenever she chooses. Through a series of harrowing situations, she realizes she can not only use it to save the life of her best friend, Chloe Price, but she can interfere in other live-or-die situations as well, ultimately affecting the very town she grew up and now resides in, Arcadia Bay. It was a narrative that, while occasionally cringeworthy, stuck with players long after the game had ended, and the fan response was such that it seemed like a no-brained to create a prequel to fill in some of the more minute details.

For instance, Max left her hometown of Arcadia Bay initially before the original Life is Strange began, which meant leaving her best friend behind. Chloe found this extremely difficult to deal with, but ended up making a lifelong friend in the mysterious and rebellious spirit Rachel Amber. You learn a bit about her in Life is Strange, but not enough to color the entire picture in before the game reveals what’s ultimately happened to her, a character you spend a lot of time chasing throughout the story. Life is Strange: Before the Storm does a great job showcasing how Chloe coped with losing her best friend and found herself in one of the purest relationships of her life with Rachel, and everything that built up to the events spiraling into Life is Strange.

The entirety of the Life is Strange series revolves mainly around strong women, including Max, Chloe and Rachel, and while Chloe and Rachel can become a romantic pairing if you so choose, the friendship between Max and Chloe is a huge focus as well. Unfortunately, you don’t actually get to spend time with Max in Life is Strange: Before the Storm. That’s where the bonus episode “Farewell” comes into play. It’s coming out March 6 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and will take place before the first season of Life is Strange, before Max leaves Arcadia Bay and Chloe is left alone to her own devices.

Publisher Square Enix has stated before that this episode could very well be the last time we get to see Max and Chloe together, and as such Chloe’s original voice actress Ashly Burch has come back to reprise her role following Chloe’s recasting for Before the Storm. It’ll be available for purchase digitally and can be purchased separately if you still need to pick it up.

Life is Strange: Vinyl Set

For superfans, however, Square Enix is releasing two awesome physical versions of Life is Strange: Before the Storm on the same day, with a Limited Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and a Vinyl Edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Limited Edition comes with the entire season of the game, an art book, soundtrack, and an outfit pack for Chloe. You can nab it for $39.99, and certain retailers will also throw in an adorable set of vinyl figurines of Chloe and Rachel.

The Vinyl Edition is $69.99 and is only available via the Square Enix Store. It comes with everything the Limited Edition does, but also a collector’s box and the game’s soundtrack on both CD and vinyl. They're both pretty awesome, but the figures are what really sell it. 

Make sure you grab the one you've got your heart set on before the preorders sell out, and if you're looking for a narrative focused on some very important relationships between female characters, check out Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Just make sure you've got plenty of tissues. 

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