Life, uh, finds a way to bring you more Jeff Goldblum (this time, as a puzzle)

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Aug 12, 2018, 4:08 PM EDT

If you think about it, many of Jeff Goldblum's signature roles have centered on some kind of transformation. First he morphed from a regular guy into a giant fly in 1986's aptly named The Fly. Then he transformed from a fur-covered alien into a super hot 1980's dude in 1988's Earth Girls Are Easy. And, of course, he changed into the captain of our hearts and the last great America's Sweetheart the second he taught us all about chaos theory in Jurassic Park

So, Brundlefly transformation aside, who wouldn't want to see the Goldblum magically evolve in the comfort of their own home? Didn't think it was possible? Well, somewhere a butterfly flapped it's wings and voila! A new line of Jeff Goldblum puzzles, which you can piece together at your leisure, and which come in four different Goldblums to choose from, make it so. 

Let's, uh, see what we have here....

Jurassic Jeff (jigsaw) by George Morton

As you can see, the Goldblums are not photos, but rather, loving portraits by two different artists; two are by Maria Catello Solbas and two are by George Morton.The above one, by Morton, is obviously a classic Ian Malcolm. This look says, "You go be brave and meet the ailing stegosaurus, honey. I'll watch the car." 

Grandmaster Jigsaw by Maria Solbas Castello

Next we have the Grandmaster from Thor: Ragnarok in all his disco glory, by Catello Solbas. Piece together this puzzle and relive that moment when you were like, "This is clearly the best Thor film and Jeff Goldblum is in this movie!?"

The Fly Jigsaw by George Morton

Then have all the feels as Morton's homage to The Fly takes shape before your eyes. (And afterward, do as I do and watch Earth Girls Are Easy and pretend it's the sequel so that Goldblum and Geena Davis live happ'ly ever after in space.)

And then of course there's:

Jigsaws Find a Way by Maria Solbas Castello

Just thank you, Maria Catello Solbas. 

Champion Production, the company behind the puzzles, is British, so each one goes for 9 pounds, or $11.49 for us dollar spenders. These glowing Goldblums are Champion's first products, and though they'll be rolling out other gifts and fun stuff in the future, they say they decided to start with the greatest thespian of our time because "we wanted to make our absolute, undying love for Jeff Goldblum the basis for our first launch."

We get it, gift company, we totally get it.