Life lessons from 40 films cut into one 7-minute pep talk

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Dec 14, 2012

At some point in almost any movie, the hero will be struck with a paralyzing sense of doubt, of dread at facing what is to come. And there's always a dude who imparts a nugget or two of well-earned wisdom to get said hero off his or her ass. And it happens in sci-fi as much as anywhere.

Morpheus, Kyle Reese, Yoda, Dumbeldore: Mentors who've prodded their respective mentees to greatness. Young Derek Stettler edited this cinematic fortune-cookie montage:

"I made this video because I love films and I think there is great wisdom inherent in the film medium. This video represents some of the best wisdom from films, edited together as a single coherent piece of advice on everything from life, death, and purpose, to anger, regret, and destiny."

And the sheer tonnage of sci-fi films present just goes to show that science fiction is the wisest genre of all. (Though I might take points off for the inclusion of The Day the Earth Stood Still.)

(via The Daily What)

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