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Lift the veil on a creepy new poster for Helen Mirren's ghost story Winchester

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Dec 20, 2017, 12:04 PM EST

Eventually, every famous haunted house will likely get its own horror movie. Next year, it's the Winchester Mystery House's turn. 

The legendary mansion in San Jose, California was built by Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester rifle fortune. She believed that she would be forever haunted by the souls of everyone killed by Winchester guns, unless she kept building the house. As a result, the mansion -- now a tourist attraction -- is full of dozens of rooms, doors that lead to nowhere, and mazes of stairways. That all translates to a film called Winchester (formerly Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built).

In the film, Sarah (played by Oscar-winner Helen Mirren) is convinced that her mansion is haunted, and won't stop building it to try and stave off the ghosts. Out of concern for her sanity, the Winchester company summons Dr. Eric Price (Jason Clarke) to go and visit her at the mansion, hoping that he'll find some answers about what she's up to. What he finds is that Sarah's concerns about malevolent spirits were well-founded. 

We've already seen the trailer for the film, and now CBS Films has released a poster featuring a veiled Mirren. It's not going to give away the whole plot or anything, but it sets a tone. Check it out:


And here's another look at the trailer, in case you missed it the first time.

Winchester arrives in theaters February 2.