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Light up your nightmares with these horror-themed VHS tape lamps

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Aug 2, 2017

As a general rule, old VHS tapes aren't a particularly utilitarian item, unless used as a door stop, drink coaster, or a paper weight for holding down fat stacks of Netflix bills.

But British artist Hayley Summers has discovered an illuminating method to transform these artifacts of a bygone entertainment era into a series of customized, horror-themed night lights emblazoned with the title of your favorite creature feature or sci-fi sensation like Alien, The Shining, Halloween, The Thing, Jurassic Park, Beetlejuice, Batman, Poltergeist, and The Exorcist.

UK Etsy seller NancyJars (Summers) crafts each lamp to order, and customers can freely choose which geeky flick and bulb color they'd like to have illuminate their lives. For extra authenticity, Summers can also fabricate your fright-light using the actual vintage VHS tape of that particular film, or simply a period-correct model from that generation. The satisfying glow comes courtesy of battery-operated LED lights inside, so they won't melt the plastic casing.

Check out a sweet sample of her products in the full gallery below, then tell us what cinematic shocker you'd select for a night light of your own. They're priced at $20.53 each, plus shipping.

(via iHorror)

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