Cal Kestis and lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
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Lightsaber technology has improved in the real world with the help of this retractable plasma sword

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Oct 15, 2020, 4:02 PM EDT

Lightsaber technology has come a long way since Star Wars' George Lucas painted some wooden dowel rods for Obi-Wan and Darth Vader. Now people in the real world have actually created the ancient and respected blade of the Jedi — and it's getting closer and closer to the legit canon construction. The latest evolution involves a retractable flaming beam that offers up 4000° of Darth Maul-halving power.

The latest step in The Hacksmith's grand quest for a real-life lightsaber (the YouTuber has been advancing his constructions over many different iterations) involves a retractable "blade" that replaces the super-hot metal rod from previous editions like the protosaber. Now it really looks like the lightsaber blade is extending and retracting, along with all the fiery damage it brings.

Take a look:

This new blade is much hotter than last time (2500°? Maybe that's good for a Padawan) and has the much-needed trait of actually turning off to just a hilt when it's not aflame. With a nozzle that encourages laminar flow (to keep everything in beam form) and a mix of liquid propane gas and oxygen, this creates a plasma saber that can even change into the different iconic colors from the franchise with the additions of different salts. Chemistry! Unfortunately there's not yet a way to turn it purple, so Mace Windu fans had best hit the books.

And yes, all of this is connected to a sound module to make sure the weapon even sounds like a lightsaber as it burns through a door Qui-Gon Jinn style, or slices the gun of a hapless stormtrooper. Just don't try this at home, or fans might end up looking like Anakin on his worst vacation to Mustafar.