Lightsabers, King Arthur and the Spear of Destiny in latest Legends of Tomorrow

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Camelot/3000," the latest episode of The CW's Legends of Tomorrow!

The short version: The team continues chasing after the Spear of Destiny, tracking fragments to 3000 AD and the age of Arthurian legend. Rip gets away with one piece, the Legends get the other. There's a whole lot of going medieval and the gang captures an injured Rip.

The good: The future, Camelot, the JSA connections

Look, I've been saying it for a while now: This show is probably the goofiest thing on television, but the fact that they embrace the goofiness makes all the difference. The rest of the Arrowverse could benefit a bit from that balance (especially Supergirl). This show is the purest, most delicious kind of cheese. By sending the Legends to the time of King Arthur, we get a full-on Arthurian adventure with a DC twist. Turns out the JSA was scattered through time by Rip (before he went evil and presumably before assembling the Legends) to protect pieces of the Spear of Destiny. So that's why the JSA disappeared back in the 1950s! This was a nice callback to the disappearing JSA and also serves as a natural way to work Vixen's history back into the narrative. A good move all around.

As usual, Ray dives head-first into trying to be a hero and lives out his fantasy of being a knight of the Round Table. Doing this week after week would start to get annoying at some point, but Brandon Routh plays him so earnestly it's hard to get mad at the guy. Plus, c'mon, dude made a lightsaber. That's awesome. Ray jumps in to help save Camelot and of course the rest of the team returns at the 11th hour to save him. The best part: Ray gets a fairly epic face-off with Damien Dhark and actually gets the drop on the A-list baddie. You know, until Dhark cheats and shoots him to get away. But still, Ray won the sword fight!

And then there's the future: Before hitting Camelot, the team tracks a spear fragment to the distant future of 3000 AD ... which looks like a low-rent Daft Punk video and where we still (hilariously) use light switches and normal ol' flat screen monitors. For a show that has largely shied away from showing too much of the distant future, this was a weird little aside ... and just goofy enough to work.

Other good stuff: Ray's attempt at a British-ish accent. Sara always gets the girl. #Respect

The bad: Pretty much all the decision-making by literally everyone

Okay, seriously: Why didn't Ray just suit up and use his Atom tech to help win the battle? Yes, he wants to live out his dream of being a knight, but isn't protecting Camelot a bit more important? Right? Yes, he wears it under his suit of armor, but only as extra armor. Which is just dumb. Fly around, dude. Camelot has already seen brainwashing tech (and Nate steel-up in the fight). Your flying suit can't screw up history much worse. There's also Stargirl's insistence to not give up the spear in the first place. She's a JSA member. She knows the stakes, and even if she's gone native, she has to realize the thing has a better chance of escape on a time ship than inside a rock, right?

Then there's Sara and the gang of Legends as a whole, who opt to bring Rip back onto the ship as a prisoner. You know, the time ship he knows better than anyone and was flying around time in back when Sara was still riding around on yachts with Oliver Queen. How does this seem like a good idea? The most obvious flaw in this plan is revealed in the closing moments when Evil Rip starts talking to Gideon. Oh, you mean Rip built some backdoor programming into Gideon so he could still control it no matter what? Well, duh. Who didn't see that coming? Telegraphed a mile away, guys.

Oh yeah, and the big McGuffin to have Rory's brain make the mind control tech go haywire? By him flooding it with his evil, damaged thoughts? What? It makes so little sense, but you can almost forgive the absurdity after seeing just how much it annoys Stein. Almost.

Line of the night:

"Finally, I get to fulfill my destiny." -Rory

Lingering questions

So, the Legion just ditches Rip at the first sign of trouble? After all the effort Thawne went to to rewire his brain in the first place? Doesn't seem like the best execution of the plan there, gang. Also, where the heck was Malcolm and Thawne in the first place?

Up next: Legends of Tomorrow returns on March 7 and Rip is causing a whole lot of trouble on the ship. Because duh.

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