Lindelof responds to those rumors about his exit from Prometheus 2

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Mar 28, 2013, 9:35 AM EDT

A rumor has been making the rounds that Damon Lindelof’s exit from the upcoming Prometheus sequel has thrown the project into shambles, but now Lindelof himself has responded to address the project he left behind.

To recap, the rumor claims that Lindelof’s exit has the studio “freaking out” about how they’re going to follow up the crazy cliffhanger ending of the first film. The final scene Lindelof crafted found two characters headed off into deep space, and the report said the studio can’t figure out where to go without him.

So what does Lindelof say about all this chatter? In an e-mail to /Film, the writer reiterated that he left the sequel to focus on some other projects and said it’s pretty silly to think the film’s mastermind Ridley Scott couldn’t come up with a plan. 

Here’s an excerpt from his lengthy response:

“During the creative process of Prometheus, all involved (that includes Fox and Ridley) had a strong desire for this film to launch off in its own way so that by the end, it would not connect directly to the original ALIEN, but instead run parallel to it. This is something that I talked about many, many times in the press burst around the release of the movie. As you probably remember, there was a lot of interest as to whether Prometheus was a “prequel” — the answer was, “Yes. Sort of. But if there was a sequel to Prometheus, it would not be ALIEN...

As to whether Ridley and Fox are “freaking out” about me not working on a sequel, well that’s news to me. I retain awesome relationships with both. More importantly, the idea that there aren’t many, MANY writers out there capable of taking the reins is sort of ridiculous. I did not map out a trilogy and then walk when the going got tough. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know me and doesn’t know the truth.”

So there you have it, Lindelof doesn’t think the sequel is in trouble, and honestly his comments make a lot of sense. Script rewrites or not, they’re all playing in director Ridley Scott’s world. He’s the brain behind it all, and it’s hard to believe he doesn’t have at least a few ideas as to where he’d like to go next.

So what’s your take on all these rumors?

(Via /Film)

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