Link roundup and space carnival

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May 1, 2008

OK, first: it's the oneth anniversary of the Carnival of Space! It's being hosted by the founder, Henry Cate, at Why Homeschool.

OK, second: I get email about Google Sky, and I've been remiss for not talking about it. But going through it is a major undertaking, and, well, I've got stuff to do. I really really want to sit down and spend like twenty hours just playing with it, but these blog feeds aren't gonna read themselves! Happily, Orbiting Frog has some very cool stuff on GS, including mapping orbiting satellites. Whoa. I see several I've worked on! Swift, COBE, Hubble... wow. Very cool.

OK, third: remember when I ranted about NPR and the Science Channel putting up ads for that Expelled garbage? The blog NPRCheck has a lot more about this, and I have a hard time disagreeing with what's said there. NPR really opened up a can-o-dumb with this one.

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