Lion Forge comics is putting Gail Simone in charge of Catalyst Prime Universe

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Jul 19, 2018, 11:56 AM EDT (Updated)

Lion Forge’s still-new Catalyst Prime comics universe is about to get a major boost thanks to the veteran experience of its new creative head: Birds of Prey, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman comics scribe Gail Simone.

Simone has been named as Catalyst Prime’s “chief architect,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, boarding the diversity-minded comics universe as Lion Forge looks to double down on its commitment to tell fresh, compelling stories featuring heroes who advance the line’s cross-representational, inclusive “Comics for Everyone” slogan.

Stocked with characters who possess extraordinary abilities while hailing from a far broader diversity of physical, social, and cultural backgrounds than conventional heroes, Catalyst Prime’s ensemble cast got its start by coalescing to stop an approaching asteroid from making it to Earth. Since the series’ debut last year, Lion Forge has been releasing new installments with regularity, announcing at this year’s C2E2 that more tweaks to the formula are in store as Catalyst Prime hits its stride.

Simone told THR that guiding Catalyst Prime offers her the kind of creative direction that can’t be found anywhere else in comics. 

“I can barely express my excitement over this, and I want to thank Lion Forge for inviting me to play in this amazing new toybox,” she said, adding that Catalyst Prime represents a comic book universe in which “[e]verywhere you look, there's something new and thrilling… And what we are planning is unlike anything I've seen anywhere.” 

Lion Forge envisioned Catalyst Prime as a comics world “where anyone can be a superhero,” a universe in which “people with powers embrace their humanity in all its greatness and flaws.” The series launched alongside seven character-based monthlies, and continues to expand as Lion Forge endeavors to extend its reach to younger readers. Quincredible, the newest addition, featuring a high school student whose only power is his invulnerability, is set to debut this November.