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Lisa Joy promises answers in Westworld by 'dismantling the mystery box' ahead of season 2 finale

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Jun 22, 2018, 10:30 AM EDT

There's no question that Season 2 of Westworld has been a disappointment to some of its fans, who have been working overtime just to work out what the hell has been going on in the puzzling android drama. But co-creator Lisa Joy is here to tell us that good things (i.e answers) come to those of us who wait.

Speaking at a Q&A in London (via Cnet) on Tuesday, Joy has promised fans that she and Jonathan Nolan have not just been leading us down the park maze all this time for the sake of it, and that the show won't continue to be a total head-scratcher.

The showrunner even made her point by suggesting that what they have planned in the long run is the opposite of the perennially confusing show Lost.

"In Lost, they really believed in the mystery box and not looking too much inside the box,” Joy explained. "I think we are interested in dismantling the mystery box, opening it up, looking at what it is, putting it together like it’s some kind of Lego, seeing how it works and really questioning and exposing that."

Jolting between different timelines and devoting whole episodes to new worlds that feel like mini-movies -- the second season of the hit HBO show has at times felt just as garbled as the damaged Delos coding.

With just one final episode to go, it seems almost impossible that we will find out the truth behind Robert Ford's master plan or any of the other enigmas Joy and Nolan have teased us with thus far. However, Joy promises: "The questions that we tee up, we do try to address," she said. "We have an answer for all of them."

The real question for many die-hard fans, however, will be whether Joy’s answers tee up to the plethora of fan theories, which have already predicted some very interesting ideas surrounding the finale.

While Joy's promises don't exactly guarantee everything being neatly tied up in Season 2's finale, hopefully we'll at least be given something to satisfy our curious minds before Season 3 returns next summer.

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