Listen to '80s synth masters Tangerine Dream take on tunes of Stranger Things

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Sep 13, 2016

The melodic electronic music wizards Tangerine Dream have blessed many a movie soundtrack with their sweet synthesizer scores over the decades, most notably '80s classics like Tom Cruise's Risky Business, Kathryn Bigelow's Near Dark and the Ridley Scott dark fantasy Legend. The German band's mesmerizing lyrical quality and otherworldy instrumentals were obvious inspirations for The Duffer Brothers' Netflix sensation Stranger Things when it came to musical choices for the pulsing intro and each hypnotic episode.  

Musicians Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are obvious fans of Tangerine Dream's work, and their refreshing score for Stranger Things reflects those particular tastes around every dark and mysterious corner of the sci-fi mystery series.  Not to be upstaged, Tangerine Dream have just released their own tribute versions of the Netflix show's dreamy music. It's an absorbing interlude of synth-heavy tracks that will lend an air of cool meditation as you drift into your late afternoon.  Have a listen ...

(Via Bloody Disgusting)