Listen to Daft Punk's Tron Legacy score music here

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Jul 4, 2015, 1:57 PM EDT

One of the highlights of last week's Comic-Con was Disney's awesome re-creation of Flynn's Arcade from the original Tron, which opened up to reveal a full-scale next-generation light cycle from the upcoming sequel Tron Legacy, accompanied by what we think is score music by Daft Punk.

Well, our pals at Latino Review have found the full Daft Punk song, which we've embedded below. (It comes from a French-language Web site called Tuxboard.)

Daft Punk will be featured heavily in the new movie, which is slated to open sometime next year. (And thanks again to Latino Review's George Roush, who not only linked to this great track but also rescued our digital camera from Hall H after we lost it like an idiot.)

[Updated: As the commenters point out, this may be a remix of the music by Daft Punk. We're not sure, but even if it's not the guys themselves, we think it's still great and certainly sounds like the music we heard in Flynn's. Don't you think?]