Listen to the full, absolutely hilarious Batman song from The LEGO Movie

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Feb 12, 2014, 1:01 PM EST

It’s already become a surprise box office hit, but in addition to being one of the best family movies of the year, The LEGO Movie also includes one of the greatest renditions of Batman, via Will Arnett.

Arnett’s toy-scale version of the Dark Knight is a meta-trip into the mythos of Batman, and serves as a stellar deconstruction of the cliched “dark” bent that has become almost required in a modern-day Batman film. This version of Batman is cluelessly awesome, hilarious, and wears his emotions on his sleeve.

That comes through hilariously in a scene in which Bats plays a heavy metal song he wrote and recorded himself, which includes some choice lines like “Darkness!” and “No parents!” Thankfully for all of us, the complete song (and lyrics) has made its way online.

Enjoy. You’re welcome.

(Via Badass Digest)