Wolverine: The Long Night Podcast Art

Listen to Chapter 1 of Marvel's new 'Wolverine: The Long Night' scripted podcast

Dec 18, 2018, 1:00 PM EST (Updated)

"Logan. His name was Logan."

Marvel has officially entered the ever-growing world of scripted podcasts, with the first story, Wolverine: The Long Night, now available for listening. Even better, Chapter 1 of the new tale is available for free, right here at Stitcher.

If you want to go in completely cold, go and have a listen— if you don't mind some thoughts (and mild spoilers), then keep reading!

One major aspect of this first chapter is that Wolverine himself is barely in it. He only appears very briefly during a flashback scene, and though it might be a bit odd to have the title character not show up in your inaugural episode, Wolverine is very much a presence throughout the entire thing.

Set in Alaska, the story begins as a crabber discovers a bunch of slashed-up bodies. He reports the incident to a couple of agents, and they make the same guess that we do— the marks left on the victims sound just like the work of a pair of adamantium claws. These aren't the only murders that have gone down here, either— there are plenty more, and they all bear the same signs. While the agents seem to know who they're dealing with, the residents of this particular Alaskan town most certainly do not. All they know is that everything is somehow tied to a short, square, hairy stranger who arrived on their docks sometime earlier.

The premonitions come hard and fast, and soon it's not a matter of whether or not Wolverine is the one performing these murders— it's a question of why. We don't get any answers, of course... this is just Chapter 1, and it widely serves to introduce the mystery as well as the town. The atmospheric way that the show was recorded is very effective, as is the voice cast which includes Scott Adsit, Ato Essandoh, and Brian Stokes Mitchell (playing a cult leader, who is bound to have more importance later on). Though series lead Richard Armitage only gets one line as Wolverine, he. Is. Perfect.

If the goal of this first chapter was to have people come back for more, then it's bound to be a successful strategy. We're already highly curious about what the heck is going on in that town, and what the heck is going on with our dear friend Logan.

Listen to the first episode for yourself at Stitcher for free right now, bub!