Listen to the first two episodes of Strong Female Characters

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Dec 5, 2017

Last week, the SYFY Fangrrls team teased the launch of our podcast: Strong Female Characters -- and as we promised, you wouldn't have to wait too long to get it in your earbuds. As of right exactly now, you can check out the first TWO episodes for your listening enjoyment.

This week, we've got an exciting set of guests to help us break in our show. In our first episode, we're joined by soon-to-be Fangrrls contributor and host of her own podcast on Crooked Media Ana Marie Cox, who helps us break down some of our post-election emotions and discover some of the eerie similarities between the political storylines written for comics. You can also check out Ana's podcast "With Friends Like These" here


In our second episode, we talk to Lainey Gossip's Elaine Lui about the femininization of gossip and go long about some of the most famous fictional female journalists out there, including Cat Grant and Harry Potter's Rita Skeeter. You can also check out Lainey's podcast, "Show Your Work," here.


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