Listen to the score of first videogame to ever get a Grammy nod

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

This just in from the desk of "I can't believe this hasn't happened yet"—the videogame Journey, the adventure co-op game from Thatgamecompany, is up for a Grammy in the category Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media, marking the first time a videogame has ever been up for a Grammy.

It's true: Other than a song featured in Civilization 4 that originated on a different album, no song specifically made for a videogame has ever been up for a Grammy. That's pretty surprising, considering the fact that videogames are absolutely works of art. If you doubt that, just ask the MoMA.

Music is often what makes a game great. Composers like Koji Kondo, Nubuo Uematsu, Tim Folin and countless others used limited technologies to make sweeping and immersive scores. So what we're getting at is that it is a major milestone and incredibly important to the gaming industry when awards like this recognize the creative talent behind videogames as a digital medium.

Journey is up against stiff competition alongside Dark Knight Rises, Hugo, Tintin, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Artist, but we've got our fingers crossed. Check out some of the score in the video below!

(via Kill Screen)