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Little Dragons Cafe is a nonviolent sim game from the creator of Harvest Moon

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Mar 23, 2018, 3:02 PM EDT

If you enjoy video games, there's no doubt that you've heard of the Harvest Moon series at some point. It's an adorable, calm, and deceptively simple simulation series in which you're tasked with managing your own diminutive farm. It's had iterations on systems from Super Nintendo to Game Boy all the way to Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 2 and basically every other console. It's since had a name change to Story of Seasons due to licensing issues with publisher Natsume, but it's still an iconic name. Creator Yasuhiro Wada has been working on something new, however, and it looks extremely promising. 

The father of the farming sim is bringing something unique to the table once more with the upcoming Little Dragons Café, a colorful mishmash of café, dragon-raising, and farm sim all in one pretty package. The game is projected for a PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch release this summer via publisher Aksys Games, and it already looks like a magical, positive world where you not only get to run a café, but you get to raise a dragon, too!

The game follows two young twins who manage a café with their mother, who falls ill, suffering from some strange supernatural sleep. A strange man gives the twins a little baby dragon that needs to be raised as the answer to everything that ails them — it's on you to bring your mom back to "life," as it were. You'll need to combine running the café, growing your own fruits and veggies, gathering ingredients, putting together recipes, waiting on customers, and finally...raising a dragon.

Little Dragons Cafe - Dragon Egg
Much like the rest of the Harvest Moon games, Little Dragons Café won't have any combat, but it will have a unique storyline, art style, and adorable characters that basically beg you to keep playing. If the need to save your own mother doesn't keep you going, hello? This dragon isn't going to raise itself. 

Unfortunately, we don't know a whole lot about the game just yet, despite its targeted 2018 release. We do know that it will feature plenty of farming and fishing, as is expected from a game like this, as well as some pretty interesting-looking Diner Dash-esque serving mini games. How you go about raising your dragon isn't clear yet, however. 

Perhaps the biggest deal here is that it's another game that newbies and casual gamers can feel good about gravitating to, as it looks gentle enough for newcomers and will likely have enough hardcore charm for more seasoned players to get a lot out of. If you're not into the ol' ultraviolence of some of the more popular games, that's okay too. Little Dragons Cafe should offer a nice respite from some of the blitz of the industry. 

Now, where did we put that dragon raising manual?

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