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Little-known sci-fi fact: Chris Pine's mom was in Masters of the Universe

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Jun 19, 2017, 11:36 PM EDT (Updated)

Before Courtney Cox became everybody's Friend, she starred alongside Dolph Lundgren in 1987's live-action He-Man film, Masters of the Universe. Before Chris Pine became leading man Chris Pine, he was veteran actors Gwynne Gilford and Robert Pine's son. So how do these two seemingly unrelated facts fit together? Because Gilford played Cox's mom in MOTU, and that's how universes collide.

Though Masters of the Universe proved to be too cheesy even for eighties' audiences, it took on a much-deserved cult status. In the film, Cox plays earthling Julie Winston, an orphaned Jersey high-schooler who stumbles upon the Cosmic Key in the woods. Of course, her stupid boyfriend mistakes the Key for a key-tar, and inadvertently opens a portal for all the Eternians to come traipsing back and forth as they please. The teenagers have to join He-Man and his gang in restoring order to the Universe, but once that's fantastically accomplished, Julie is transported back to earth on the morning of her parent's tragic plane crash, and Chris Pine's mom has her chance to shine -- so much so that she can now enjoy being the subject of our little-known sci-fi fact of the day.

Of course, Pine is a favorite around these parts, with his recent win as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, and having already captained the Starship Enterprise in a few Star Trek films. All that talent didn't come from nothing, obviously, as Gilford not only starred in MOTU, but also has 21 other acting credits to her name, including genre fare Beware! The Blob, Fade to Black, and the TV movie Satan's School for Girls (which has now found an esteemed place on my Must-Watch list). She also starred in six episodes of CHiPs, alongside her husband Robert, who played Sgt. Joseph Getraer in the most famous of his 216 credits.

Gwynne Gilford and Robert Pine, masters of the universe

When asked about his parents in a January interview with W Magazine, Pine had this to say:

Growing up in my house, you know you'd sit around a dinner table and just talk shop. Dad would talk about his day doing a guest spot on Quantum Leap. And the last thing my mom did was she played Courtney Cox's mother in Masters of the Universe with Dolph Lundgren.

After MOTU apparently ended her acting career, Gilford went on to become a psychologist, which she's been doing for some 20 years now. No word on whether or not she invokes the power of Greyskull to better suit her patients. 

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