Little-known sci-fi fact: Coolio was going to play Scarecrow in the Batman and Robin sequel

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Feb 10, 2017, 8:30 PM EST

Batman & Robin is one of the most famously loathed genre flims of all time. It stalled the Batman franchise for several years, and Christopher Nolan's darker Batman Begins can be viewed as a very strong reaction to director Joel Schumacher's neon-rimmed camp. Schumacher wasn't just goofing around in the director's chair, though. He had plans for the Caped Crusader, including a third film in his tenure that could have starred ... Coolio as the Scarecrow?

Yes, apparently that's the reason the rapper showed up in Batman & Robin for a brief cameo appearance during Batgirl's street race. According to a new interview with Coolio, he did the film because he was promised a chance to play Scarecrow in Schumacher's sequel.

"The only reason I did that part was because they promised me the villain part in the following Batman, which they didn't do because Joel Schumacher — they fired him," said Coolio. "Me and him didn't get along that great anyway. ... The next Batman the villain was supposed to be the Scarecrow."

Back in 2015, Schumacher revealed that he had indeed planned to use the Scarecrow in a project then called Batman Unchained, which would have placed the psychiatrist turned supervillain in a team-up plot with Harley Quinn (framed here as the daughter of Jack Nicholson's fallen Joker) to drive Batman insane.

"After Forever's success, I wanted to do The Dark Knight. It was going to be very dark. I remember going to the set of Face/Off and asking Nic Cage to play the Scarecrow. The studio, and I'm not sure the audience, was in a frame of mind to go too dark with Batman at that time," said Schumacher. 

A Batman film with either Nicolas Cage or Coolio would've been fascinating to watch, to say the least. Alas, it never materialized.

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