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This Disney cover band is living that wholesome rock 'n' roll lifestyle [Ep #58]

Aug 28, 2019, 2:01 PM EDT (Updated)

Alexis Babini was sitting at home and watching The Lion King, absentmindedly strumming his guitar along to the songs, when an idea hit him. If he still loved those '90s Disney movies enough to watch them and sing along so many years later, there were probably others like him, right?

Four years later, Babini's Disney cover band is selling out major concert halls across the country.

The Little Mermen put those Disney songs through a rock 'n' roll filter, don slightly more risqué costumes, and play for hours on end in front of nostalgia-hungry millennials and kids who have the lyrics to "Let It Go" permanently seared into their brains. They're so popular, even the Walt Disney Company itself, famous for closely guarding its IP, has tacitly approved the band's work, allowing them to pursue bigger venues and lucrative opportunities.

Babini and one of his bandmates, Emily Afton, joined The Fandom Files to discuss the band's rise, their favorite Disney songs, and what they think of spreading human ashes in Disney parks (they don't do it, promise). Make sure to listen to the whole thing, as Babini and Afton play a medley of Disney tunes near the end of the episode!

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