Li'l Conan goes headhunting in 1st gruesome Conan the Barbarian clip

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Dec 14, 2012

Childhood in the world of Conan was not all popsicles and puppies—and this two-minute scene of innocence lost proves it. It's tough to be a fun-loving kid when your playthings are sharp objects, blood and dead things.

Right out of the gate in this extended clip, we get a gruesome glimpse into the textures and tones director Marcus Nispel is aiming for in his Conan the Barbarian reboot, and it's the pulsing jugular on your bare neck. He's milking every ounce of red stuff from his R rating, and it's clear this is what fans are clamoring for.

Ron Perlman, as Conan's wise and grizzled father, Corin, counsels young clansmen on the code of the Cimmerian warrior when young Conan intrudes, sending him on a challenging test of speed and survival for the right to fight ... all with an egg in your mouth. Young Conan, soulfully played by 12-year-old Leo Howard, demonstrates the genesis of his adult cunning by dispatching unfortunate foes through viciously resourceful means and returning a dripping trio of trophies to daddy. It's a boy's life after all.

Forget those joyful Easters on green lawns with your brimming baskets. You'll never see an egg race the same way again.

By Crom, what are you waiting for? Watch it again!

(via Screen Rant)

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