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Live-action remake of iconic Dead Island videogame trailer is scary as HELL

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Nov 1, 2013, 4:06 PM EDT

If you ask most gamers to pick the most unsettling videogame trailer they’ve ever seen, Dead Island’s creepy backward teaser would likely be on the short list. So what happens when someone makes a live-action, shot-for-shot remake?

This is what you get, and it’s absolutely terrifying. The fan trailer, commissioned by Machinima with a budget big enough to make it work, really shows off the potential for a Dead Island movie (which has been in development hell for about two years). Plus, it’s scary. As hell.  

The live-action cut jumps around chronologically, just like the original 2011 videogame trailer, and it works to fantastic effect. Director BJ McDonnell did a fantastic job of matching everything from the characters to the camera angles.

Check out the live action version above, then brush up on the original CGI cut below. Which one is scarier?

(Via Polygon)