Live It Up Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Living the ultimate fan life with Hellboy, Fantastic Beasts, Star Trek & stained glass

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Apr 12, 2019, 4:03 PM EDT (Updated)

We live in a golden age where you can proudly display fandom in every facet of life. Just a few decades ago we were in the Dark Ages where, if you wanted to proudly show off your passions, you were limited to tees with iron-on prints, posters, sugary cereal, a set of sheets, or a bedside lamp – all marketed for kids.

But now, your giftee can nerd out with high quality goods, from rocking a sweet Mass Effect leather jacket, drink helluva good Hellboy wine, work out with the Force out, and pen a letter while channeling Peter Parker. This is the Lifestyle Gift Guide, which offers up unique recommendations on how to help your loved ones live it up every day with darn fine fan cred. And don't miss our other 2016 gift guides of gateway to fandom items, toys/games/replicas, and special edition books/Blu-ray/albums.

2011 Hellboy Reserve Pinot Noir 750 ML
Mike Mignola’s Hellboy comic might officially be over, but you can drown those sorrows (literally) with this Hellboy-themed pinot noir. Produced by Stoller Family Estate, the Hellboy Reserve is described as the perfect wine to pair with an issue of Hellboy. Which makes sense. The pinot noir is barrel aged in French oak for 10 months prior to bottling and carefully blended from individual lots to articulate the vintage. Not surprisingly, the packaging is also gorgeous, so even after you’ve drained the bottle, it’ll still look great on a shelf. ($50) -Trent Moore


Marvel Collection Cross Pens
If the pen is mightier than the sword, and with great power comes great responsibility, it is logical to assume a good pen grants the user some amazing, and spectacular, abilities.

Such is the case with the Cross collection of pens, which give the user the power to write something super. The Century II Marvel Collection ($150) comes in Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America styles, making every word your gift recipient writes with this rollerball feel pretty Marvel-ous. The translucent lacquer finish with metallic design is presented in a cool gift box – and with a lifetime mechanical guarantee. Pair the pen with the Marvel jotzone journal ($75) so your giftee has the pages to write an adventure worthy of an Avenger. Another option to inspire a super scribe is to snag something along the lines of the Classic Century black lacquer ballpoint pen ($60), and adding a free engraved message. Want to keep it in the nerdy realm: Opt for “Do or Do Not,” “I Am Iron Man,” or, my preference, “With Great Power” for the webhead in all of us. – Aaron Sagers

Star Wars Jedi Robe Sleeved Blanket

If you have a loved one who enjoys cosplaying from the comfort of their home, in something that looks like the sweet spot between a blanket and bath robe, this should do the trick. ThinkGeek’s Star Wars Jedi Robe is technically a sleeved blanket, but it also features a hood and some handy pockets. So, not your typical “blanket.” Just don’t call it a Snugiee, or we might have to Force choke you. ($17.99) - Trent Moore



Tecnica Moon Boot Limited Edition Star Wars Series
Tecnica’s already sci-fi Moon Boot has morphed into everyday cosplay for the Stormtroopers, dark lords and droids in your life. There couldn’t be a more perfect Star Wars collab than with a brand whose retro astronaut-inspired boots were a wearable homage to the first moon landing in 1969 and soon became a ‘70s and ‘80s staple—right around the time Episodes IV, V and VI blasted into theaters. Darth Vader and Stormtrooper styles appease the dark side while C-3P0 and R2-D2 fight off the forces of cold and evil. Made to withstand galactic terrain from the searing sands of Jakku to the icy wastes of Hoth, these will keep human or alien feet warm while crushing earthly snowstorms like the Rebellion. You don’t even need a space suit to pull them off. ($175) –Elizabeth Rayne

Pop Culture Neck Ties
You can add just a dash of geek to any workplace outfit, formal attire, or night on the town ensemble using a tie from Snappy Ties. These neck ties feature logos, characters, and phrases from various fandoms. From Arrow and Doctor Who to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find something to please the fan you need a gift for here. Each tie is 100 percent poly satin, 58 inches long, and 2.75 inches wide. ($20) —Lisa Granshaw

Book Hero Bookends
Shelf full of books in danger of raining destruction into your fair living room? Let these male and female caped superheroes swoop in to save the day. These bookends are die-cut metal, allowing you to hide the upright inside either a paperback cover or the dust jacket of a hardcover. Then you can use the powerful magnet in the superhero’s hand to post him or her on the outside of the book, creating the illusion that they’re using their alien/mutant/magic powers to prevent your novels from tumbling over. ($25 each) —Denny Watkins

Literary Text Tights
Know someone who loves literature? Then help them show off their love for books in style with a gift from Etsy’s Tights Shop. Here you’ll find colorful tights each featuring handprinted quotes and symbols from various novels. Options range from Game of Thrones and Harry Potter to Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre, with tights available in colors like beige, orange, red, green, and more. The variety of tights means you’re sure to find something that will be a perfect fit no matter what the person likes to read! ($23 to $27) —Lisa Granshaw


Marvel x Nick Graham Hawaiian Shirts
Warm weather is still a long way away, but you can stir up dreams of beachside tropical drinks and summer superhero blockbusters with these sharp Hawaiian shirts. Each officially licensed short sleeved button down sports a subtle motif (well, some are less subtle) featuring Captain America, Iron Man, or the Punisher. Would Tony Stark head to a tropical vacation with his own image on his shirt? You better believe he would. ($48) —Denny Watkins


Under Armour Star Wars Workout Gear
Come New Year’s, it’ll be time to make your get-in-shape resolutions a reality. Channel your inner Rey, Jyn Erso, or Princess Leia at the gym by gearing up with this Star Wars sport top and stretch leggings from Under Armour. They’re printed with a stylish allover design portraying the Death Star attack in A New Hope — showing the Empire what happens when you mess with the wrong Rebel princess. (Top $45 and leggings $75) —Denny Watkins 


Brewery Ommegang Game of Thrones Beer Gift Pack
If you’ve seen our past gift guides, you may have noticed a pattern: We pretty much always give a shout out to Brewery Ommegang. There’s a good reason for that. For one thing, the Cooperstown, New York-based brewery releases consistently great Belgian-style ales. What’s more, they have a long-standing partnership with Game of Thrones, periodically releasing themed brews inspired by the HBO series. Right now you can pick up a gift box including their newest offering, the Valar Dohaeris (“All men must serve”) tripel ale, along with a re-release of their Valar Morghulis (“All men must die”) dubbel ale — both in large format 750 milliliter bottles and bearing the image of an Iron Coin of Braavos. Plus you get a handsome Game of Thrones goblet to sip your beers from as you watch George R.R. Martin kill off your favorite characters yet again. Click here to find the set near you. ($18) —Denny Watkins


Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Faux-Leather Asymmetrical Jacket
I have little doubt that this jacket would be Commander Shepard’s favorite piece of apparel on the Citadel! With an asymmetrical front, the recognizable armour stripe on the right sleeve, and the N7 logo embroidered on the front, this is a great gift for the Mass Effect fan you know who is eager to show their passion for the series as they wait for Andromeda to be released next year. It’s a truly stylish item that’s welcome to see in today’s geek fashion world, which needs more good video game-inspired clothes like this for women! ($68) —Lisa Granshaw

The Original Stormtrooper Decanter
After putting in a long day for whatever evil corporate empire you toil away for, what better way to unwind at night than by pouring yourself a Larry Tate special, straight from this glorious Stormtrooper decanter? The whiskey lover in your life will no doubt love this glorious flagon, which is based on the original stormtrooper helmet moulds from 1976. The decanter is from international Geekware maker The Foundry, and it’s made of sturdy Super Flint Glass and it holds 750 ML of your favorite booze. A great gift that deserves a special place in any geek’s personal cantina. ($27.45, and place your order now. It’s in high demand) - Mike Avila

Spock, Yoda, and Chewbacca Buddha Statues
Unwind from holiday stress by settling in and practicing some deep breathing exercises. First, let’s take a moment to meditate on Vulcan wisdom. Inhale. “Having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting.” Exhale. Now, from the book of Yoda. Inhale. “You must unlearn what you have learned.” Exhale. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” Inhale. “Do or do not, there is no try.” Exhale. Finally, we listen to the wise words of Chewbacca. Inhale. “HHHHHRRRRGGGHHHHRRRHGHHR.” Exhale. Aren’t you more relaxed now? (Yoda, C$45; Spock, C$35; Chewbacca, C$125) —Denny Watkins


Coach Leather Rocket Tote
Ubiquitous leather goods purveyor Coach recently breathed new life into their stately, 75-year-old line of handbags, wallets, and apparel by slapping dinosaurs and rocket ships on basically everything — a fashion choice we can get behind. Our favorite is this black leather 13 1/2” by 13 1/2” tote with a handy hidden zippered compartment, sporting a fantastic red and white retro rocket design. Pair it with a matching double billfold wallet, featuring a removable ID holder that can be used on its own to slim down back pocket bulk. (Bag $695, wallet $250) —Denny Watkins


Thirteenth Floor Galactic Samurai Posters
Long ago in a galaxy far, far away...or was it in feudal Japan? With these realistic pop culture and history mashups from artist Billy Ludwig of Thirteenth Floor, you’ll never be sure. The black and white prints on heavy cardstock are suitable for framing, making your living room look like you combed back alley bookshops for vintage photographs. A second glance reveals something off — a samurai in stormtrooper armor, Jedi Master Yoda surrounded by samurai in traditional garb. Since George Lucas’ vision for the Star Wars universe was partially inspired by Akira Kurosawa movies like Seven Samurai, it’s a natural fit. ($10 each) —Denny Watkins


Doctor Who Bedroom Set
If the good Doctor materialized the TARDIS in your front yard, would he pick you for his next companion on those adventures through all of time and space? He’d have to see instantly that you’re a proper Whovian. You’ll need a big, unmistakeable sign, like this Doctor Who comforter with a spiral Roman-numeral clock design reminiscent of the past season’s opening credits ($80). Better make sure you’re tucked into these Doctor Who microfiber sheets, too ($35). Would that be enough? The impressionistic exploding TARDIS throw blanket can't hurt ($25). Add a TARDIS Union Jack pillow for good measure ($15). Actually, you better pile on a second TARDIS pillow ($15). That should do it. Wait, why take a chance? Tie the room together with a 6-foot TARDIS door area rug ($50). Geronimo! ($220 total) —Denny Watkins


Boba Fett-inspired Apron
You may have a “no disintegrations” rule in the kitchen, but for the Star Wars geek who loves to cook Boba Fett can still be part of the kitchen adventures thanks to this apron. Handmade by ActionPink, it puts a pin-up spin on the armor of everyone’s favorite Mandalorian bounty hunter with some incredible detailing. While this does mean the price is a bit high, you don’t have to restrict wearing this just to the kitchen. You can get creative wearing this as a costume or cosplay too, making this a great multipurpose gift. ActionPink has a number of other geeky designs for varying prices that you can choose from as well including other Star Wars characters like Darth Vader, R2-D2, and Sabine Wren. ($100) —Lisa Granshaw


Game of Thrones Socks and Scarf
Winter is obviously coming and Game of Thrones fans need to be prepared for the chill. Help them bundle up with this scarf and these socks inspired by the series. The 100 percent acrylic black scarf bears the House Targaryen sigil while you can choose if you want the Targaryen or House Lannister sigil embroidered on the individual pairs of socks. The Lannister socks are available in navy, black, and grey. The Targaryen socks are available in navy. There’s also the option of purchasing socks in a box set which includes socks with the Targaryen, Lannister, and Stark sigils. (Socks, $19.97 to $60; Scarf, $20.99) —Lisa Granshaw


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Newt Scamander Scarf
Help Harry Potter fans feel like a part of the Wizarding World once again with this comfortable knit scarf inspired by Newt Scamander, the protagonist of the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film. The magizoologist sports a scarf just like this one in the movie. In the familiar black and yellow colors of Scamander’s Hogwarts house Hufflepuff, the scarf also features a faux leather patch with the character’s monogram. It’s just what every fan needs for work, school, or finding fantastic beasts! ($18.95) —Lisa Granshaw


DC Comics Coloring Book
For the comic book fan that also has an artistic side, you might want to gift them this DC Comics coloring book. Its 96-pages feature line art of familiar characters like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, and more as well as comic book covers DC fans are sure to get a kick out. These pages can be colored faithfully to look like the originals or given a colorful twist so fans can make them their own! ($14.41) —Lisa Granshaw


TARDIS Stained Glass Print
I’m sure the Doctor would describe this Doctor Who stained glass print as quite fantastic! Created by artist Ian Leino, the print beautifully captures the TARDIS. It’s just one of many stunning pop culture stained glass prints Leino has designed. His other work includes prints of the Enterprise, Hogwarts houses, and the Millennium Falcon. On his website he explains how he makes these prints and how by combining elements of pop culture with a historic look like stained glass it’s a way to show the important role they play in society. Hanging a print like this up at home will impress just about anybody and thanks to the method he uses it’s not even that expensive! ($30) —Lisa Granshaw


Harrison Ford Holiday Fashion by Last Exit to Nowhere
Last Exit to Nowhere is my favorite site for ultimate nerd wear of verisimilitude. The high-quality brand subtly namechecks pop culture’s most noteworthy landmarks, institutions, businesses, and even government offices – and brings them to life in a way that only other fans will recognize. I can’t get enough of the Amity Island Police Department clothing inspired by Jaws (and yes, I know we included that in last year’s gift guide). But this year, I’m giving my giftees a very merry Harrison Ford holiday by first stuffing stockings with all things Marshall College (the school Indiana Jones teaches at in Raiders of the Lost Ark). A midnight blue Marshall mug for the coffee, tea, or bourbon-drinking archaeology professor in your life will run you about $11. And a super cozy pullover organic cotton Marshall sweatshirt -- perfect for lounging about in when supporting the home team or taking a break from fighting Nazis – will cost about $37. That also comes as a hooded sweatshirt, and as a tee. If you’re gift recipient is more a Blade Runner fan, then I highly recommend the Tyrell Owl logo folded beanie (about $16). It is charcoal color, with a vibrant yellow owl that looks like a real designer logo (and I suppose it is, but a designer of Replicants). It also comes in a jet black zip-up hoodie with the Tyrell logo in yellow on the front, and in dark grey on the back ($44). Add a little Indy spirit (or Deckard spirit – and yeah, even some Solo spirit since they have a ton of cool Star Wars items) to the holiday with fan fashion that is durable, and shows you “get” the geek in your life. – Aaron Sagers