Live video chat: postponed until 4. Maybe.

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May 11, 2008

The live video chat has to be postponed today until 4:00 Mountain time; my dog Canis Minor had a small injury that required stitches, and I'm not sure I'll be back from the vet in time to start the chat at 3:00. It's possible it won't go off at all today if it takes longer to get her than expected. I'll have an update soon. But just in case, below is the info you need to participate, as usual.

If you look below and see/hear me jawing about astronomy or Doctor Who, then you're good. I urge you to go to the UStream page, though, so you can participate in the chat room (or find/use an IRC client you like; the channel is and the room is #bad-astronomy). If you want to change your nickname there, type "/nick David Tennant" (or whatever) in the text field.

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