Live video chat Sunday June 15, 15:00 Mountain time

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Jun 14, 2008

I'll be doing another live video chat starting at 15:00 Mountain Time (21:00 UT) on Sunday June 15. I've embedded the stream below; if you see/hear me getsiculating wildly, then we're live. I urge you to go to the UStream page, though, so you can participate in the chat room (or find/use an IRC client you like; the server is and the room is #bad-astronomy). If you want to change your nickname there, type "/nick Steve Moffat" (or whatever) in the text field.

Some potential topics for the chat: Hubble servicing mission, GLAST, organic compounds in meteorites, TAM 6. A search on this blog will turn up lots of things on these and other subjects!

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