Livewire brings death and destruction in 2 new extended Supergirl promos

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May 3, 2017, 12:26 PM EDT (Updated)

After spending nearly two months in a Kryptonian stasis pod (aka being on winter hiatus), Supergirl made a triumphant return this week with the series' first-ever Kevin Smith-directed episode.

Was it perfect? Of course not. But "Supergirl Lives" was a heck of a fun romp (I burst out laughing quite a few times — "Start the car!" comes to mind) that sent the Girl of Steel (Melissa Benoist) and Mon-El (Chris Wood) across the galaxy to a planet called Maaldoria, aka Slaver's Moon. It also introduced new aliens and dropped some major clues about the Boy from Daxam (who is soooo the Prince) who, by episode's end, was finally ready to take on the heavy mantle cape of a superhero. The episode also made some very cool references to both Star Trek and Stargate.

Next week's episode, "We Can Be Heroes," will see the return of Season 1 villain Livewire (Brit Morgan), who is hell-bent on revenge with plans to fry Kara from the inside out (would that make Kara Kryptonian BBQ?). The CW has released a new extended promo for the episode as well as a promo for the series itself, which you can watch below.

After Livewire (guest star Brit Morgan) seemingly breaks out of prison, Supergirl is intent on recapturing her. After training Mon-El, Supergirl takes him with her when she sees Livewire attack the NCPD but things go awry when Mon-El puts Supergirl before the citizens of National City. Meanwhile, James decides to come clean with Kara and M’Gann (guest star Sharon Leal) has a psychic attack and collapses into a coma.

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