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Lobo screenwriter following Wonder Woman model for Michael Bay project

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Feb 13, 2018, 6:40 PM EST (Updated)

We know Michael Bay is in discussions to helm a live-action Lobo movie for DC Films, but we know far more solidly that the script has been written by Jason Fuchs—who’s proven (with a story credit on last year’s paradigm shifter Wonder Woman, alongside Zack Snyder and Allan Heinberg) to be someone who gets how to adapt superhero fare.

Fuchs, known for his work on Pan and an Ice Age sequel aside from his DC co-writing duties, has created the story for the pseudo-parodic ultraviolent alien mercenary. Now we also know a little about his thought process. Speaking with LRM at the USC Libraries Scripter Awards, Fuchs explained his approach to heroes as different as Wonder Woman and Lobo.

“I think when you’re working on comic book characters, especially ones that are near and dear to my heart, like Wonder Woman and Lobo are, you want to create something that’s true to what the original text are,” Fuchs said. Finding fidelity with the source material, both aesthetically and narratively, seems important to the writer, as he continues to say that Wonder Woman “captures the feeling of — not only the original Moulton Marston comics, but the George Perez run in the late '80s. It feels like reading those comics up on the big screen.”

When it comes to Lobo, his thoughts are surprisingly similar. “It’ll feel, I imagine, quite different, because the Lobo comic itself is quite different. What Keith Giffen and Alan Grant put together was something really unique, and hopefully we’ll capture some of that same spirit when we make the movie.” Grant and Giffen worked together on Lobo’s origin-redefining mini-series Lobo: The Last Czarnian, which set him as the lone member of his species ... after he killed all the others.

There are some thematic similarities between Lobo and Wonder Woman (a dominance over humankind, an alien nature), but what’s most heartening about Fuchs’ explanation is that he attempted to emulate the feeling of the original comics on screen.