Watch: Patrick Stewart on going R-rated for Logan and apocalyptic road trip music

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Apr 28, 2017, 2:15 PM EDT (Updated)

With Logan opening in just a few weeks, we caught up with co-star Patrick Stewart to talk about everything from getting outside the tentpole movies to apocalyptic road trip music.

Stewart, who plays Professor X in the future-set X-Men spinoff, talked about what it was like the first time he read the script and realized just how bad the world has become for mutants in this setting. He raved about the character moments between his Professor X and Hugh Jackman's Logan and even touched on what it might be like to take a road trip with Wolverine.

(In case you're wondering: Logan would be into heavy metal while Xavier prefers the crooning of Tony Bennett. Oh, and X-23? She's never even heard of the Beatles. Le sigh.)

Stewart also talks about how they try not to get too bogged down in the timelines and alt-futures. Instead, he said this is a world that has simply moved on, and the remaining X-Men have been left behind.

Logan opens March 3. Check out the interview below.

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