Stay in your seats: Logan has a post-credits scene

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Apr 28, 2017, 1:19 PM EDT (Updated)

There's an extra few minutes at the end of the new Wolverine movie that the press did not get to see.

That's the news from Collider, which has confirmed that there is a bonus scene tucked somewhere at the end of Logan -- either during the credits or after they finish rolling -- that was not on the version of the movie screened for the majority of press and critics last week.

Rumors about an additional scene began to spread a few days earlier, actually, when Mike Sampson, marketing manager for the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain, noticed an anomaly (via Den of Geek):

And sure enough, we now know that paying customers will get to see something that us media types were denied (and I stayed until the very end of my screening for that very reason). Of course, this is a rather old trick: Marvel is known for screening films for critics and leaving at least one post-credits scene off the print so that reporters don't spoil it for the public, and Fox seems to be taking that tack as well.

The next question is: What could the Loganbonus scene be? The movie doesn't necessarily lend itself to an additional scene, so my guess is that it will end up being somehow related to the next proper X-Men movie, whether it's the rumored X-Men: Supernova, New Mutants or something else we don't know about yet.

Whatever it is, make sure you stay until the very end, and please feel free to report back to Syfy Wire and let us know what it is. Chances are, however, that I'll pay anyway to go see the movie a second time -- it's that good.

Logan, starring Hugh Jackman in what may be his final appearance as the clawed superhero, opens on March 3. What do you think the post-credits scene will contain?

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