Logan trailer: 7 things we're still thinking about

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May 3, 2017, 1:42 PM EDT (Updated)

The new Logan trailer is out, and while we thought we were excited before, we're even more excited now (especially after watching the red-band version, which is below). Here are the seven things that stuck with us.

1. The X-Men have their own comic

Are they the stuff of legend on the Logan-verse? Logan comments, "Maybe a quarter of it happened, but not like this."

2. Logan really doesn't want to take care of X-23

But is she his clone-daughter? Does Professor X's "She’s like you. Very much like you" refer to something more than personality traits?

3. But he probably doesn't have to, based on her moves

If this was the entire movie, we’d be fine.

4. Logan obviously gets over it

In the comics, we've always loved Wolverine's mentor-like relationship with younger female characters (Kitty Pryde, Jubilee). We got hints of it with Rogue in the first X-Men film, but this dynamic seems to be the spine of the film. We can't wait.

5. X-23 likes Pringles

Mutants! They're just like us!

6. A Different Donald Pierce

We're so used to a snooty, prissy version of the White King in the comics. This version, played by Boyd Holbrook, seems way more rough-and-tumble. 

7. Professor X says "F*ck."

It's right there at 2:17. Scroll up and watch again. And again.