Logan VFX reel shows how Hugh Jackman’s clone eerily comes to life – watch

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Mar 15, 2018, 9:45 PM EDT

Arguably one of the most badass elements of Logan was seeing Hugh Jackman play two parts as he faced off with the evil Wolverine clone known as X-24. What was more terrifying was just how scarily realistic it looked seeing Jackman play the two parts onscreen.

Of course, X-24 was played by a CG actor in the movie, with Jackman’s face digitally inserted in the edit suite. Now a fascinating special effects reel (via io9) shows just how the filmmakers brought Logan’s antagonist to life and pushed the boundaries of photorealism in the process. And things have certainly come a long way from the golden era of using trick photography and split screens to get the “twinning” effect on camera.

The spectacular effects were mastered by Image Engine, a visual effects studio based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company even has an entire page on their site devoted to the dazzling work they completed on the project that you can check out here. The company calls working on the project a “unique challenge” that required almost 300 shots, with the sequences being described as “extremely demanding.” As well as the mutants, the lifelike digi-doubles of the core protagonists saw groundbreaking results.

If you were a fan of the effects and the film, then you’ll be pleased to know that director James Mangold revealed last year that he’s working on a script for a spinoff movie. The ferocious young Dafne Keen is set to get her own time to shine as the young mutant Laura. Meanwhile, Jackman has now officially stepped down from playing Wolverine after 17 years. 

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