Logan's James Mangold is writing X-23 spinoff script about Laura

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Oct 24, 2017, 12:30 PM EDT

Fans of the 2017 movie Logan, rejoice. We may be seeing more of the ferocious young Dafne Keen in a spin-off about Laura, the young mutant with claws of adamantium but a heart of gold, as director James Mangold reveals he’s working on a script.

Mangold would have the luxury of returning to the pocket of the X-Men universe he created. Logan took in $616 million at the box office on a $97 million budget, and critics loved it.

Mangold told The Hollywood Reporter the secret of Logan’s success: "I think I have a kind of healthy contempt for this kind of film. Even the genre.”

Contempt? That’s not a word we’d use when given a seat in the director’s chair. But superhero films have fallen into a “formula that we've gotten really in the habit of delivering on,” Mangold said. Logan broke free from superhero tropes by creating a film that is “less about fetishizing costumes and equipment and CG effects and more about character."

Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman, who had produced X-Men Origins: Wolverine, has stepped away from the X-verse.

"No, I won’t be a producer on a Laura sequel," says Jackman. "But I will be lining up on the Thursday night at 10 p.m. to watch it though. She is just phenomenal."

Jackman is also looking forward to eventually seeing another actor take on the role of Wolverine: “I hope it will be recast…. I feel glad to just be a part of the legacy of that character. I feel great parts — great characters out live the actors that play them. Bond, Superman, Batman …. So, there you go."

Obviously, a Laura movie is merely a glint in Mangold’s pen for now. But with a powerhouse performer like Keen and a director who takes a critical look at superhero filmmaking, we’re already sold.

Is it out yet?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)