The Logan's Run remake is pulling a gender switch and will feature a female lead

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Apr 8, 2015, 3:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Warner Bros. has been trying to get a Logan’s Run remake off the ground for a couple of years now ... well, actually, make that a few decades. The new movie was meant to be a more faithful adaptation of William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson’s 1967 dystopian thriller novel, which was released in the midst of the Vietnam War. Not long ago, Ryan Gosling was attached to star in the sci-fi flick, bringing all of his Hollywood star power behind him, with Nicolas Winding Refn set to sit in the director’s chair. But back in October of 2013, Refn had some pretty bad news to share with the fans. He said:

It’s dead as dead can be. It’s a great shame but I realized a couple of things. I was so in love with the original that I think I was disillusioned by the fact that if I made a remake I would be closer to the original, I would be part of the original more than any other, and I realized that that was a lie. That was illusion. It wouldn’t be like that. And also if I was going to make a $100 or $200 million movie, and trade off my creative freedom for that price, it needed to be something that was going to outweigh that loss. Because at the same time I’m very lucky to be able to make the films I make, and to exchange that for a larger canvas really needs to feel like the right swap. Logan’s Run just wasn’t it at the end.

So now, with the departure of both Gosling and Refn, The Tracking Board claims that the studio is looking for a new writer to develop the movie ... for a female lead. Logan’s Run tells the story of the (male) titular character, who lives in a futuristic society in which, when citizens reach the tender age of 21 (the age was 30 in the movie), they're led like lambs to the slaughter and are killed on that Carousel thingie. Why? Because they need to maintain the very limited consumption resources at hand. Logan 5 is a Sandman, a hunter who must track down those who have disobeyed the law (aka they want to LIVE) and become Runners. That's until the tables are turned, and Logan (who was played by Michael York in the 1976 MGM movie, and by Gregory Harrison in the short-lived TV series) is the one who becomes the Runner, taking with him a young woman named Jessica 6, played by Jenny Agutter (Captain America: The Winter Soldier).

By changing the lead’s gender from male to female, is Warner Bros. trying to capitalize on the current trend of female-led genre movies? You betcha. With The Hunger Games and Divergent, Hollywood is realizing that franchises featuring a strong female lead can be lucrative, and Warner Bros. wants a piece of the action cake. But is it a good idea for this project? Well, it depends on how one personally feels about that. I grew up with Logan’s Run, and, well ... I'm conflicted. Part of me is going: "Eh, this could be a great idea!" While another part of me is going: "No No No No No! This is just wrong." But I guess it would also depend on who they cast in the role, as well.

But enough about me, what do you guys think of having a female-led Logan’s Run flick? Do you think it’s a good or bad idea? And if the studio goes ahead with it, who would you like to see in the lead role? 

(via The Tracking Board)

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