Logan's Run remake will be 3-D if Joel Silver has his way

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Dec 14, 2012

If you're over 30, get ready to run—in 3-D! Because Joel Silver, who produced everything from The Warriors and Lethal Weapon to The Matrix and V for Vendetta, told MTV News that his next project, a reboot of the 1976 film Logan's Run, is going to be shot that way.

Luckily, he's not talking last-minute 3-D conversion, but a movie conceived from the ground up using 3-D technology.

"I'd like to make Logan's Run [in 3-D]," he said. "It's a movie I've always been intrigued with, excited by. We're writing a script now, and that should be a big 3-D movie, and it should be devised and shot in 3-D. I think if we can pull it together, then it would be."

Hear it from the man himself below.

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