Logan's Run director's plan to make a movie out of Wonder Woman

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Dec 14, 2012

Like many of us, Writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn has a plan. While most of us would like to see Captain America on opening night or finish reading that pile of books on our nightstand, Refn is thinking a little more long-term. He wants to make a Wonder Woman movie ... and he's put his career on a path to make it happen.

IndieWire quoted Refn as saying, "I have this dream concept: I want to make Wonder Woman as a feature. And I thought in order get to access to that I should probably become a bit more Hollywood-friendly."

Refn, a Danish filmmaker who made a name for himself with movies about drug deals gone wrong, recently made his first American movie, Drive, about a drug deal gone wrong.

According to IndieWire, "Refn's playing the long game on this one, confessing that he took Drive partly to boost his bankability with studios."

As it happens, Drive won the 2011 Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Director, which gave him enough cred to be tapped for the reboot of Logan's Run, currently in preproduction.

Logan's Run will be a Warner Bros. movie ... the same media conglomerate that owns DC Comics. If Logan's Run performs well, Refn really does stand a chance at choosing his next project. And there's no doubt as to what he would choose, saying, "Wonder Woman is probably something that, to me, would be not just a satisfaction, but almost a [catharsis], and I was born to make it."

Best of all, he's already chosen his Wonder Woman: Christina Hendricks (Firefly, Mad Men), who worked with Refn in Drive.

IndieWire wrote, "Hendricks seems to want to do the project as much as Refn, saying in an interview last year that 'I've been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life ... I had Underoos -- I had Wonder Woman Underoos.'"

At least Refn, whose work tends toward gritty realism, won't turn Wonder Woman into an utterly mainstream viewing experience.

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