Lois and Clark- Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain as Lois Lane and Superman
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Here's where Lois and Clark would have gone after that cliffhanger, and whether the show could be revived

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Apr 2, 2018, 4:17 PM EDT

Before there was Smallville, Supergirl, and Krypton, there was the rom-com television romp Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Running from 1993 to 1997, the Last Son of Krypton appeared weekly on the small screen, with Dean Cain donning the cape and Teri Hatcher playing a Lois Lane who was every bit his equal. Fans delighted in the "will they-won't they, come on just get together already" shenanigans of the two, until the show abruptly ended on a cliffhanger at the end of its fourth season. 

After years of numerous (very numerous) ups and downs, Lois knew fully who Clark was, and the two of them were a solid couple. They pondered having a child, only to learn that giving birth to a half-Kryptonian would be potentially fatal to Lois. The universe had other plans for them, however, as they were left with a baby wrapped in a Superman cape. Then... nothing. The show ended.

Thanks to a new interview, though, we now have a little information about where the show would have gone. 

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Teri Hatcher and executive producer Eugenie Ross-Leming reveal that the abrupt ending was not what they wanted, necessarily — it was not written with the intention being the actual series finale. Ross-Leming says that if the show had continued, it would have dealt with Lois and Clark raising the child, and that the child "would have aged rapidly. He would have become a teenager in months." 

As for whether this was confirmation that the child had superheroic powers, Ross-Leming says that they had not planned that far ahead. Might this be something that could be answered in, dare we say it, a revival? Everything is being revived these days, so why not this?

Hatcher says that there are "a lot of fans that would like to see the whole show rebooted, so maybe that'll happen." It isn't clear whether she is talking about a full reboot (with a completely new cast) or a revival-continuation... but we'd think that fans of Lois and Clark would only be interested in a Cain-Hatcher affair. There is plenty of Superman to be found in all mediums these days, and both Cain and Hatcher have even popped up on Supergirl — Cain as Kara's adoptive father, and Hatcher as a Daxamite arch-villain. 

Further comments from Hatcher seem to confirm that they're open to being involved if the property were revisited — as she says, "Dean [Cain] and I both still have really warm feelings about our whole experience on the show. So who knows!" 

Would you care to see Lois and Clark resume their new adventures, or has the baton officially been passed too far down the line? Break out your inner Ultrawoman and let us know in the comments.