Lois Lane actress Bitsie Tulloch reveals the iconic Superman character's role in the Arrowverse

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Dec 8, 2018

Here’s the scoop. When Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) returns to the Arrowverse in the "Elseworlds" crossover event, the Man of Steel will be bringing along his main squeeze and secret weapon: Lois Lane. Clark Kent and Kara Danvers have mentioned The Daily Planet’s intrepid reporter in numerous Supergirl episodes, but she’s never been seen in the flesh… until now.

Lois was previously portrayed on the big and small screen by Noel Neill (Adventures of Superman), Margot Kidder (Donner's Superman films), Teri Hatcher (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), Erica Durance (Smallville), Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns), and Amy Adams (Man of Steel). Now Grimm’s Bitsie Tulloch will be putting her own spin on the iconic character.

Tulloch recently spoke with SYFY WIRE about her personal connection to Lois Lane, finding the character’s voice, filming those action sequences, and the possibility of more Lois in the future.

Ever since they announced your casting as Lois Lane, you’ve been tweeting about every step of your "Elseworlds" experience. How thrilled are you to be embodying such an iconic character?

It’s a little bit surreal, because it’s one of these characters that’s recognized worldwide. She’s so well known. Lois was in the very first comic book that Superman appeared in, which was 80 years ago, Action Comics #1. She even had her own comic book, Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane. It was just incredible. I had written something the day the news was announced, to communicate to the fans that I understand how important it is to them that I get it right. I understand why there’s such an interest in her and why she’s still such an iconic character.

A lot of it has to do with the fact that from the very beginning, she was introduced in 1938 and a lot of portrayals of women at the time leaned towards the meek and demure. There wasn’t an abundance of these strong, powerful, sassy career women. Lois was one of the first. But not only that, she was also romantic and feminine and sweet and totally head-over-heels for Clark Kent. It was really an honor, and I hope that people enjoy what I brought to it.

There have been so many incarnations of Lois Lane in comic books, movies, and television series. How did you go about making her your own?

I like them all. Everyone did a beautiful job, but my personal favorite was Margot Kidder. That one has a personal connection to me because I have been told my whole life I kind of look like her. I’ve been hearing that for a while. Then, I didn’t start acting until I was in my mid-20s. One of the first things my acting teacher told me to do was to watch the screen tests for the original Superman. A bunch of really accomplished actors tested for that role. I remember thinking, “I totally get why Margot Kidder got it.” She really stood out from the pack as being a little goofy, she had great energy and she was just fun.

I mean, Margot was serious, and she brought all those career-driven characteristics to it, but she was also clearly just having fun. It was this joie de vivre, so to speak. I would have ultimately done whatever the producer said, but when I auditioned, I was saying from my point of view, that’s what the character needs. She needs to be having some fun with it. And they were like, “That’s spot-on.” I did it once and they were like, “Do it your way, where it’s a little more in the moment, spontaneous.” She’s both serious but also cracking up. That kind of energy is what I tried to bring to her.

When we meet Lois and Clark in this alternate reality, how would you describe their relationship and where they are at this stage in life?

Without revealing too much, I would say they are very bonded and very close, and they are very much in love. But, again, it’s that typical Lois and Clark relationship. She is always wanting to be part of the adventure and he’s like, “Maybe I should take this one, babe.”

Talking about pinch-me moments, what was it like filming your first scene on the Kent farm?

It was cool because I knew it was the farm from Smallville. Until The CW released photos, we weren’t supposed to let the fans know that, because they were going to get so excited. First of all, it was gorgeous. I was shooting for about three weeks straight. The weather in Vancouver, which is typically rainy, was really beautiful the entire time. We were an hour outside of Vancouver, on this beautiful farm, with this gorgeous barn and incredible red truck. It felt immediately like getting dropped into this quaint world.

I have to say, one of my main takeaways from this experience is just how lovely the cast was. Melissa Benoist is an absolute joy to work with. She’s funny. She’s really smart and has great energy. Tyler Hoechlin is amazing. He and I had really great chemistry, which was awesome, because we hadn’t met each other. You never really know if you are going to have great chemistry with another actor, but luckily, we did from the get-go. And, also, Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell, who I worked with, were amazing.

Kara and Clark are super-close cousins. What’s the dynamic between Lois and Kara?

It’s almost very familial. There’s a lot of love there. The way I was playing it was she was my cousin, too, by proxy.

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Source: The CW

Lois is one smart cookie and one of the planet’s best investigative reporters alive. How pivotal is she in piecing together what’s going on and what is amiss in this reality?

She’s as pivotal as anyone else. It ends up being very much a group effort of everyone bringing their own experiences and strengths figuring out how to solve this big problem.

As you mentioned, Lois is never one to sit on the sidelines. How much action does she get to see?

Lois sees a lot of action. All the episodes, at least according to the other actors, they were all telling me it was the biggest crossover they’ve done. The Supergirl episode has a ton going on in it. There is one particular scene, that is a big battle scene, that Lois is definitely involved in.

There is a picture on social media of you in some contraption…

I’m actually pregnant, so I did as much as I could, but of course they were being really careful because of the pregnancy. That was a scene that was essentially too risky to have me dangling, so they had this weird seat contraption for me to sit in instead. Apparently it looks great, but they had to get creative for safety reasons.

This crossover opens the doors for more Lois Lane. What kind of discussions have you had with the producers about returning?

I have talked to them about coming back. I would love to come back in whatever capacity they will have me. As I said, I really had a blast doing it. It’s a character that I adored so much that I would love continue doing it. But, further than that, I think they are going to wait a little bit to see what the response is like.

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