Lois Lane: Girl Reporter is the book DC didn't want you to read

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

Once upon a time, a writer thought it'd be a grand idea to hatch a series of illustrated young adult novels featuring comics' premiere journalist in her formative years. He had a DC Comics editor in his corner, championing it. But the brass had no interest whatsoever. Here's a sneak peek at a brilliant idea that'll never come to pass.

On his Tumblr blog, Dean Trippe details his plans for Lois Lane: Girl Reporter and what sprung from his desire to exploit a secret window into the DC Universe and make a book (with art by Daniel Krall) that would resonate with today's preteen girls like Nancy Drew resonated with his two little sisters.

Lois Lane, Girl Reporter follows the adventures of young Lois Lane. At eleven years old, Lois has discovered her calling: investigative journalism. She sets out to right wrongs and help out her friends. This series explores Lois's character, reveals her surprising early influence on the future Man of Steel, and introduces fun new elements into this enduring character's back story.

In each book, Lois will tackle a problem or mystery affecting the members of the community she finds herself in as she travels around the country. The investigations in this series will not be mystical or supernatural (though some characters may suspect such sources), but real world problems that Lois works to set right.

Over the course of the planned five-book series, Lois would've made her way to Gotham and encountered a 13-year-old Bruce Wayne, tussled with Lex Luthor and kindled a love for journalism in a young Clark Kent.

For his part, Trippe is sanguine about his brief flirtation with Lois Lane:

My wonderful editor, Chris Cerasi, was a real champion of the series, which we codenamed 'Project 77," and while we had a great time working on it and finding this secret window into the DCU, it doesn't look like the current leadership of DC is remotely interested in this kinda thing. ... Here's hoping one day DC gives someone a shot to write Lois Lane right. It won't be me, but maybe some of these ideas will find their way back into the DCU, or even better, into the hearts of some fellow LL fans.

For much, much more, bounce over here. It's definitely worth a read.

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