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Long-gestating Wheel of Time TV show still very much 'alive' at Amazon

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Jun 15, 2018, 11:19 AM EDT (Updated)

When last we heard about the potential Wheel of Time TV series -- adapting Robert Jordan's 14-novel high-fantasy saga about magic, warring factions, and the Dragon Reborn -- it had landed at Sony Pictures Television (the same company that produces Outlander for Starz). That was a year after the property was freed from some legal hangups to allow it to actually be a television show. Now, a year after the latest announcement, there’s a small update: The project is at Amazon Studios and it ain't dead yet.

In an interview with Deadline, new Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke discussed some of the team’s bigger genre projects in the wake of the super-expensive Lord of the Rings TV show they’re creating. These include both a series based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower books and The Wheel of Time. Her response wasn’t super exciting for fans of either series, but it gives hardcore fans all they need to stay optimistic: a glimmer of hope.

When asked about the status of these long-simmering projects, Salke said, “Those are scripts that I haven’t gotten yet. I’ll be seeing those, that material, in the coming weeks.” So there is material. Scripts, preproduction material of some kind, is in the works for these properties. That’s a good sign. Not a great sign, but one that’s better than a cancellation or a pass. To make sure it’s understood, Salke finishes by saying, “None of those things are dead. They’re very much alive.”

So The Wheel of Time (and The Dark Tower, clinging on after a disappointing film adaptation) is alive at Amazon. For fans of the long-running and wide-spanning series, this is great news. For Amazon, which is already pouring cash into The Wheel of Time’s only competitor when it comes to best-selling genre books, it may seem like biting off more than they can chew. That’s probably why it’s still in the very beginning stages. But it’s still alive.

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