Long-lost, 15-year-old horror film with Corey Feldman and Adam West finally surfaces online

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May 14, 2015, 2:39 PM EDT (Updated)

Way back in 2001, an up-and-coming director shot an indie horror flick on a shoestring budget with genre veterans Corey Feldman and Adam West on the cast list. Then the movie landed on a shelf somewhere for 15 years.

Now it’s finally out in the wild. Want to see?

The film, dubbed Seance (a.k.a. Killer in the Dark), was written and produced by Rick Vasquez and filmed in 2001. The plan was to get the flick into theaters (or at least a straight-to-DVD deal), but it got lost in the distribution shuffle and never made it anywhere. So, all these years later, some guys with access to the flick have made it available online for free.

The film was apparently shot as a straight-up horror flick, but the low budget and terribleness of it all turned it into a B-movie pile of messy camp. What lifts it above all the other dreck, though? Both Adam West and Corey Feldman pop up, so that’s ... something? We guess?

The full film is available online, albeit broken up into 10 clips. Check out the first 10 minutes below, then follow along for the rest (if you can make it):

(Via io9, Reddit)