Long-lost, never-produced Douglas Adams Doctor Who 'Shada' scripts discovered 40 years later

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Feb 23, 2018, 3:44 PM EST

A batch of rare scripts from the abandoned and unaired Douglas Adams Doctor Who serial “Shada” have been discovered nearly 40 years later and will soon be going up on the auction block.

Written by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Dirk Gently author, “Shada” was a six-episode serial meant to be the final Doctor Who adventure of the BBC series’ 1979-1980 season (that would be the 17th one).

The cast and crew were in the middle of production when a strike at the BBC disrupted filming and the serial was never finished. That is, until very recently when it was completed by using original and remastered footage and filling-in the scenes that were never filmed with animation. Original stars Tom Baker (who played the Fourth Doctor) and Lalla Ward (Romana) even provided newly recorded dialogue from the original script.

The rare scripts being auctioned off by Rogers Jones Co. are dated Nov. 1979 and have the famous Doctor Who logo and penciled-in notes from the late Pennant Roberts, who was the director of “Shada.” The rare items have been entered for auction by his widow, Betsan Roberts. If you’re a huge Doctor Who, Adams, or Roberts fan then these scripts will probably be some must-own items for you. The guide price goes from £200 - £400 (that’s approximately $280 - $560 US), which isn't too steep for a unique piece of Doctor Who memorabilia. Here's a look at the scripts via the good folks at Rogers Jones Co.:

Shada Doctor Who scripts

Image Credit to Rogers Jones Co.

“Shada” followed the Doctor and Romana as they try to defeat the villainous Skagra (Christopher Neame) from stealing the secrets of the planet Shada, a high-security prison built by the Time Lords where the Universe’s most dangerous criminals are imprisoned. It was filmed on location in Cambridge where part of the episode takes place before they head to space with K-9 tagging along.

“Shada” wasn’t the only Doctor Who TV story Adams wrote. The legendary author also penned “The Pirate Planet” for the show’s 16th season.

Will you be entering your bid for those unique Doctor Who “Shada” scripts?

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