Long-lost, super-secret Nazi R&D facility reportedly uncovered in Austria

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Jan 2, 2015, 4:04 PM EST

A team of researchers believe they have discovered a massive, long-lost Nazi weapons facility hidden in secret tunnels near a small Austrian town. Is this where Hitler was hiding the zombie soldiers and space rockets?

Austrian filmmaker Andreas Sulzer has been looking for the mythical base for years, poring through military documents and communications from World War II in an effort to pinpoint the secret base’s location. Now he believes he’s found it.

The facility was apparently found following descriptions of secret tunnels hidden near the old Mathausen-Gusen concentration camp, near St. Georgen an der Gusen. According to Sulzer, the facility was described as Hitler’s “largest secret weapons facility,” where scientists were reportedly using the site to try and “smash atoms” to create weapons. We’re delving into Wolfenstein 3D territory here, folks.

The place has remained hidden for so long because the entrance tunnels were apparently destroyed by Allies forces, but Sulzer and his team have been excavating the area recently — and they’ve apparently made one heck of a discovery. The team peeled back a 6-foot-deep clay layer to find a granite entrance with concrete steps leading to a large open area underground. The find was first reported by the Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung.

Sulzer said he believes part of the facility was used as a silo for V-2 rockets, though the base likely also doubled as a research facility for chemical, bacteriological and radioactive warheads. Sadly, we may have to wait a while to actually find out what’s inside. The dig has been halted by the Austrian government at this point, and there’s no word on when (or whether) a team might be approved to continue exploring.

Note: The featured image at the top is from Iron Sky 2, and is not a real photo of Hitler riding a dinosaur. The image directly above shows a real interior tunnel of a Nazi bunker. 

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